Back to work…

 No crew?
After a long break I’m back.
I took this caravel from Zeroshift and gave him a comic style. (NOV2014) 😉

Blender PT Conference 2013


Blender PT Conference 2013, an event gathering researchers, professionals and freelancers to promote the open-source 3D digital tool Blender, debate about its real impact at an academic and professional level and build bridges between digital 3D communities in a knowledge sharing environment.

This image was created by me for a banner for the 2013 conference in Portugal. Here all entries. (APR2013) 😉

BD Style


This will be the result of my workshop in Porto on 5 and 6 April 2013. (DEC2012 😉 )
Detail here.
Model made ​​by me based on a character of “Aura Mecânica“.

Show yourself in Oporto.

Great modeling of a car

Rogério Perdiz from Millzone (aka Rogper) released the file (in Blend Swap) and I took the excellent modeling and made this render. (Nov2012) 😉

Crow’s Claw

It was with this image that I participated in a contest  in the Blender Cookie. The theme was a scarecrow.
I tried out the traditional scarecrow but with traditional presentation. This comic style continues to be improved. (Oct2012) 😉

Way of living!

Link for the video.

This is a render done with Blender (Cycles).

It’s a project I’m developing. 😉 (May 2012)

Scout – spaceship

This is a simple spaceship. Was modeled for a contest (I won the last place) 😉
This is my first attempt with Cycles. 25 samples only. 😉 (April 2012)

Here a turntable of the Scout.

Here the file in Blendswap.